About CoreNGS

The CoreNGS Project is named by it being the core of Nucleus General Systems, a new family of operating of operating systems by design. CoreNGS is not designed to be a one-and-done game, an operating system with the impossible goals and eventual failures aiming for them. Often you can find literal thousands of Linux distributions, custom built operating systems, and forks of operating systems that could be anywhere between basically no changes and almost unidentical operating systems altogether. CoreNGS aims to fix the many failures of Linux and Unix.

CoreNGS originally derived from FreeBSD 14.0, allowing our team to not focus on reinventing the wheel with a new kernel, userland code, etc. Instead, we can focus on modifying that userland, adding custom application programming interfaces and libraries to better manage the operating system, and letting you get your work done. We are remodeling and redefining Unix in a business-ready, user-friendly design that no other Linux or Unix-based system has done.

CoreNGS aims to solve common aches and problems with using Unix-like systems, that every other operating system seems to ignore. Our journey just started, but we still have a long way to go.